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Calipso consultation  'Impression of a tubelight as part of a cabinet.'       2022


​- hot pressed steel sheet

- mastic

- colored wax

- acrylic paint

Here the artist tries to defuse a situation by isolating a part of it and walking away with his service and functionality.

This work was exhibited as part of an art route where, together with other artists, the setting of an old abandoned building was used to exhibit the works.

Early works.

_M2A6395paint geknipt zw glans retouch - kopie3.jpg
landscapes and wrecks 2016 verklinfra.jpg
insight 1 verkleind.jpg
_F7A0899-2 copy verkl infra.jpg


Current and upcoming exhibitions:

flyer kunstroute.jpg

Koptekst 1

Permanent work in public space:

2019         Insight TRBN III           CAW                                      Aarschot

2018         Trip/ De reis            Toerisme Vlaams brabant          Meensel

2017          U-man                    Av Regina                                  Wezemaal

uitnodiging hidden side.jpg



Steve Spilstyns

° Leuven (B)  1979

Lives and works in Kersbeek.

Education and developments: "After highschool I went to Sint-Lucas Brussels and Ghent. Afterwards I followed a training course as a master blacksmith.

I received my primary education in my youth at home as an observer of my father who worked as a mechanic for the service of my grandfather, who was a fruit farmer. He made unexisted machines out of recuperated engine-parts. My grandfather was a singer in church and repeated te same stories of his youth during ww2. My mother was an instrumentalist in the operating room of a clinic"

<< Steve's work consists of installations, images, and objects that appear as tools that could serve a meaningful enterprise, but whose functionality was omitted and the potential threat removed. The installation or image is in a phase of silence, freezing or reconciliation as a silent witness>>

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